I was really lucky to get (free!) keto-friendly food at work today. Salmon (two cause my breakfast was abysmal), feta, tomatoes, cucumber and olives. Yum!
Re-started Keto again today

now that it’s possible for me again.

Pre-keto SW: 237

…I’ve had a bad week, I’m super bloated, so I am VERY excited to be starting keto again.

I’m sick of feeling one of two ways about my intake: pride or guilt. I can’t remember the last time I was simply indifferent.

3am Confessions

I’ve been restricting or bingeing or following a certain type of diet for so long that I literally cannot decide to pay no attention to my diet anymore because I actually do not know how to eat normally.

Keto + Calorie Counting - Thoughts

I started keto for the first time on the 31st January 2014. I was bloated up to 246 after having been down around 238 about a week before. I calorie counted and in  less than two weeks I was down to 233. 

Thennn, an occasion happened. I was off keto from the 15th February until a couple days ago, not keto, not calorie counting, nothing. I was right back up to 243. 

This second time around, I haven’t been counting calories, and as of this morning, I’m down to 236.4lbs. I love not calorie counting. I feel good, I’m not stressed or thinking about food all day. I know it only takes ten minutes total of your day to log calories in MFP but it was taking over my mind for the rest of the day.

I’m hoping that I keep losing. It’s all water weight so far I think, but that for me is positive. It means I’m in ketogenesis, without even counting carbs! So long as I start losing fat this week, I’m not going to start counting again (except maybe for a week here and there).

I try so hard to be body positive, and calorie counting definitely gets in the way of that, so this time I’m going to choose mental health over more rapid weight loss. 

Dear Fitblrs: I’m sorry…

I tried peanut butter as a kid.
It looked yummy.
It even smelled yummy.
But at the tender age of eight it tasted fucking nasty.

In the 13 years since that fateful day, I’ve grumbled and moaned to myself at the pervasiveness of peanut butter on Tumblr. It seemed to me that EVERY keto dessert had this atrocity included in it.

Today at the shops, I was starving. I needed something keto-friendly that wasn’t going to be mank after 3 hours on a sweaty bus. I sighed, I whinged, I moaned, and finally I put the damn peanut butter jar in my trolley.
Well dear sweet mother of all that is holy and good, when I dipped my finger in and tasted that salty, creamy yet crunchy butter of peanuts I mentally begged forgiveness of all you that I’ve cursed over the years.
I’m so sorry. Forgive me?

I see you're doing keto, Would you recommend it?

from Anonymous

Um… after my birthday recently I’ve sort of fallen off the wagon, so I’m actually not in ketosis at the moment.

I’m not one of those keto-ers who is convinced that it is the holy grail and the only way to lose weight. Everyone is different, so here are some of the pros and cons I experienced while I was in keto.


-It stopped my bingeing

-I didn’t feel hungry


-I lost a crapton of water weight so I never felt bloated or crap.


-I had to cook practically every meal


-It made it very awkward to eat outside my house

-I never got the energy boost other people talk about, but that could have been because I found it easier to consistently eat at a deficit on keto.

I’m having mad sugar cravings at the moment making it harder to get back into ketosis, so I’m working from a more paleo approach (still eating potatoes like a good Irish person!) and working towards becoming fully keto again.

Hope this helps, I’ve tried to be objective as possible. Everyone has different experiences on keto though, so try it yourself and see!

Keto Weight-Loss Blogs with Starting Weight of 300lbs+



If you’re a keto/lchf weight-loss blog and your starting weight is over 300lbs please reblog this. I want to follow you! I’m in the same boat and it’d be really great to connect with others going through a similar experience.


Started at 323.2 and have lost 15.2 lbs in three weeks :)

I’m keto and started off at ~260, can I join in? :/ Tagging the shit out of this so other keto-ers (with a SW of 300+!) may see it.

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Day Two: Keto

-Carb count is good today, yay!

-Feeling: a little headache-y, but I’m headache-prone anyway so it mightn’t be keto’s fault.

-Calorie count is good, I keep the goal high so going under here and there isn’t a big deal. I am actually a little peck-ish but at the same time don’t feel like eating, so I may or may not eat a little more before bed.

Overall, I’m worried. I ate meat 3 times today - that isn’t sustainable for me. I’m gonna have to find some more keto-friendly vegetables for sure.

Time for a Change in my Diet Plan

NOTE: I’m using diet as a term for the foods I eat.       

I always said that I wouldn’t be counting calories forever, but I’ve been doing it for a month or two now, and here are my problems with it:

1. I’m eating even more white bread than usual, because a sandwich is actually quite easy on calories and very filling.

2. I don’t listen to my body. If I have calories left, I’ll eat just to reach my calorie goal, and if I want to eat more I’ll exercise to allow for it in my cal goal, and to be honest it was making me hate exercise.

SO, first point of order: clean up my diet. 

The plan for one week (and I’m going to see how I do) is to stay counting calories for everything bar fruit and veg, and stick to 800-1000 kcals of food besides fruit and veg. I’m not sure if that’s too much or too little, I guess I’ll figure it out as I go.

The point is that I’m going to eat way more vegetables if I don’t have to weigh them out. So, yeah. I’m looking forward to destressing food again!

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