Re-started Keto again today

now that it’s possible for me again.

Pre-keto SW: 237

…I’ve had a bad week, I’m super bloated, so I am VERY excited to be starting keto again.

BRAIN OVER BINGE: Tips to stop bingeing


1.  I viewed my urges to binge as neurological junk. (This means I quit believing the urges signaled a real need - physical or emotional - and stopped assigning the urges any value or significance whatsoever. I viewed them as automatic brain messages generated in my lower brain that deserved no attention. 
2. I separated my highest human brain from my urges to binge.(This means I realized the urges weren’t really me, but instead were generated in brain regions inferior to my true self. My true self resided in my prefrontal cortex - my highest human brain - and it gave me the ability to say “no” to binge eating. I had to know my urges were powerless to make me binge, and my true self had ultimate control over my voluntary actions.)   
3I stopped reacting to my urges. (This means I stopped letting my urges to binge affect me emotionally. I simply let them come and go without getting wrapped up in them. This made the urges tolerable and actually rather easy to resist.) 
4.  I stopped acting on my urges. (This was the cure for my bulimia, made possible by the three steps above. I didn’t have to substitute any other behavior or emotionally satisfying activity for binge eating. I only had to refrain from binge eating.)
5. I got excited. (This was a bonus. By rejoicing in my success, I sped along the brain changes that erased my bulimia.)     


This is something I found useful. I’m going to try and use it to take on the NoBingeChallenge. Hopefully it might help some others too, I just came across it while researching how to stop bingeing, and I put the source there at the bottom if anyone’s interested :)

Guys what are your favourite body positive phrases/mottos?

I wanna do a collage or something…

On Body Positivity and Plus Size Clothing

Y’all know I do my best to be body positive. I’ve worked 50 hours in five days carrying 240lbs around. I know the good things this body can do. But it IS large. And I have to admit that having to wait for a shirt to be ORDERED IN because noone else who has ever worked here was ever as fat as me stings a bit.
I really hope you guys don’t get bothered by me posting this, but the fact is that I DO struggle to be body positive sometimes, and that’s okay.

I’m up in 9 hours to work for 11 more hours and I need sleep

Today was my first day of work.

And damn, it was rough.

But I feel so good after being on my feet for eight hours.

I knew after my amazing run yesterday that I missed exercise, but even though my day was hard mentally, physically I feel so much better for it.

Wish me luck for tomorrow - and the rest of this week (I think it’s a trial - so I could get fired -_-)

Just went for my first run in a looooooooong time

and I really didn’t want to go, because then I’d find out how unfit I’ve gotten.

And I AM unfit. But man, I enjoyed that run. I probably ran for about 15-20 minutes, half the time I used to be able to run for, but I wasn’t expecting even that much. I’ve been so stressed all day about starting my new job tomorrow, but after the fresh air and the heart pumping and the legs thumping I feel a lot more relaxed.

WHY do I stop going for runs?

WHY do I forget how good I feel after a run?

'Cause I'm an idiot, that's why.

I’m sick of feeling one of two ways about my intake: pride or guilt. I can’t remember the last time I was simply indifferent.

Guys I downloaded T25 I’m so excited

Health Strategy for May

May, for me, is going to be all about living a healthy lifestyle without freaking out about weight. So that’s why, per Kirsty’s suggestion, I’m doing No Weigh May. I’m not going to weigh myself for the entirety of May. 

The rest of my own plan is as follows:

  1. Switching focus: May is not going to be about losing weight. I have decided that I want to live like a healthy person and a healthy person does not, like I do, weigh themselves umpteen times a day. I’m going to live as healthily as I can and if I lose, great. But if I don’t, it’s not going to bring me down.
  2. Food: I’m not going to worry about being in ketosis, but I’m eating keto-friendly foods. I want to eat some more vegetables, which might end up with my being over on carbs, but again, I’m not going to worry about that. No calorie counting either.
  3. Exercise: This is the only part of this strategy that’s planned. I want to log ten workouts in May. It’s not a huge ask, but I’m starting a new job so it may be hard to find the time. Ten workouts in a month is totally do-able though, and since I now have T25 I’ve no excuses. 

Other goals for May include one daily personal post on Tumblr, avoiding the Reddit forums for keto (because so many numbers make me want to track my weight/calories/etc), drinking lots of water, and going outside as much as possible.

Even though I’m far from being at my goal weight (~60lbs to be precise), May for me is going to be about practising maintenance i.e. living a healthy lifestyle without being obsessive about numbers.

Hope you guys are feeling good, and feeling healthy. Stay positive, mes amies ;)

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