July/August Goals


1. Make sure there is jobs in teaching before I spend a shitload of money becoming a teacher

2. See if I can be an English teacher one day. (Ask guidance counsellor about credits or something?)

3. Look into CELTA.


1. Find accommodation.

2. Look into grants

3. Talk to parents. Will I need a loan?


1. Learn how to budget


1. Spend 15 minutes a day cleaning/organising room


1. Go for a run/do at least 15 minutes of exercise on days off. 


1. Focus on not bingeing. Not a thing else. Don’t worry about calories, or carbs, or any other food-related thing. Just stop. fucking. bingeing.


1. Don’t get caught up in the work-bitching/moaning.

2. Remember you’re not perfect. Stay positive. Don’t get stressed or overwhelmed because all you can do is take things as they come, and you’ll do better at that if you’re not panicking.

Day Three of the No Binge Challenge. Bingers (usually) reward themselves with food so tell us one or more non-food rewards you’re going to treat yourself with for hitting your goals. Tag nobingechallenge so we can see your progress, and don’t forget to tell us how many days you’ve been binge-free :)

My favourite thing to reward myself with is clothes, but since I’ve been in the plus sizes for quite a while that joy has faded. When I can fit into “regular” sizes again (in about 30 lbs or so, I’m guessing) there will be a HUMONGOUS shopping trip in store. I’m excited just thinking about it!

Other rewards I like are going for baths (I usually shower) or playing with my dog (who is cuter than yours, no offence).

Binge-free Streak: 3

Day Two of the No Binge Challenge. Question: What’s your favourite thing to do to distract yourself from bingeing? Don’t forget to tag “nobingechallenge” so we can follow your progress :)

TO avoid bingeing I tend to come here - to Tumblr! In the past sometimes I’ve gone for a run, but I find I think too much then. Tumblr keeps my mind busy enough to stop thinking about food. But in all honesty I haven’t stopped an all-out binge in a looong looooooong time. That’s why I started this challenge.

Binge-free Streak: 2 Days

Monochromatic ootd. ~230lbs and slowly losing the love handles.
BRAIN OVER BINGE: Tips to stop bingeing


1.  I viewed my urges to binge as neurological junk. (This means I quit believing the urges signaled a real need - physical or emotional - and stopped assigning the urges any value or significance whatsoever. I viewed them as automatic brain messages generated in my lower brain that deserved no attention. 
2. I separated my highest human brain from my urges to binge.(This means I realized the urges weren’t really me, but instead were generated in brain regions inferior to my true self. My true self resided in my prefrontal cortex - my highest human brain - and it gave me the ability to say “no” to binge eating. I had to know my urges were powerless to make me binge, and my true self had ultimate control over my voluntary actions.)   
3I stopped reacting to my urges. (This means I stopped letting my urges to binge affect me emotionally. I simply let them come and go without getting wrapped up in them. This made the urges tolerable and actually rather easy to resist.) 
4.  I stopped acting on my urges. (This was the cure for my bulimia, made possible by the three steps above. I didn’t have to substitute any other behavior or emotionally satisfying activity for binge eating. I only had to refrain from binge eating.)
5. I got excited. (This was a bonus. By rejoicing in my success, I sped along the brain changes that erased my bulimia.)     

SOURCE: http://brainoverbinge.blogspot.jp/2012/06/tips-for-beginners.html

This is something I found useful. I’m going to try and use it to take on the NoBingeChallenge. Hopefully it might help some others too, I just came across it while researching how to stop bingeing, and I put the source there at the bottom if anyone’s interested :)

FromFruitToFruition’s No-Binge Challenge

I’ve decided to start a challenge for myself to stop bingeing. Instead of doing a typical 30-day challenge or whatever, I’m first going to challenge myself to not binge for a day, then another, and track my binge-free streaks.

What classifies as a binge? For me, a binge will be any time I eat something without thinking about it, without being hungry, or continuing to eat after I am satisfied. 

How often do I currently binge? According to the above definition, I binge at least once a day and have done for a long time. When I was fully keto that was when I was closest to being binge-free, but full-on keto was stressful and expensive for me. I definitely want to stay lower-carb though.

When am I starting? Now. This very second. Day Zero.

How do I plan on avoiding binges? By staying mindful. By recognising the want to binge, but ignoring it. I know I can use the same tactics to stop bingeing as I used to stop purgeing. I used to get waves of overwhelming need to purge, but I haven’t felt that in over a year. So I know I can do this.

Can others join? Eh, yes. Please. If you wanna join, message me.

It shouldn’t upset me when people say ‘oh you look like that girl over there’ and the only similarity between us is that we’re both fat, but it does.


That’s my current trending weight. A month ago it was 243.

So I’m losing. BUT I’ve been off keto, I’ve been overeating, I’ve been bingeing.

It’s just that my fulltime job on my feet means that I don’t have the time to eat regularly.

My days off are showing me that my relationship with food hasn’t improved at all  - and that’s why I’m so disappointed even though I’m losing weight. I want this to be a lifestyle change. I just don’t know how to address this issue when I’m working so much. The lazy part of me is like “hmmph you’re losing weight anyway who cares?” but the sane part of me knows that it’s not about weight, it’s about being healthy, and I’m currently eating less healthy than I was when I was 20 pounds heavier. 

Like I said, I just don’t know how to address the issue.

I don’t update you guys on my progress too often

because I haven’t been making much, and I’m also not weighing myself for May, BUT my jeans were loose today. Not very loose, but definitely loose. I’m thinking a spin in the dryer might fix them but I’ve lost some inches for sure.

Guys what are your favourite body positive phrases/mottos?

I wanna do a collage or something…

Notte Themes     ☾