This ring was a present, and it means a lot to me, and a lot to the person who gave it to me, so this is a “before shot” of a different kind. 
At 237 (CW), this is what the ring looks like. I realise it’s gonna be a long time before I lose weight in my hands, but I really, really hope this ring fits me one day.
Dear Fitblrs: I’m sorry…

I tried peanut butter as a kid.
It looked yummy.
It even smelled yummy.
But at the tender age of eight it tasted fucking nasty.

In the 13 years since that fateful day, I’ve grumbled and moaned to myself at the pervasiveness of peanut butter on Tumblr. It seemed to me that EVERY keto dessert had this atrocity included in it.

Today at the shops, I was starving. I needed something keto-friendly that wasn’t going to be mank after 3 hours on a sweaty bus. I sighed, I whinged, I moaned, and finally I put the damn peanut butter jar in my trolley.
Well dear sweet mother of all that is holy and good, when I dipped my finger in and tasted that salty, creamy yet crunchy butter of peanuts I mentally begged forgiveness of all you that I’ve cursed over the years.
I’m so sorry. Forgive me?

Keto Weight-Loss Blogs with Starting Weight of 300lbs+



If you’re a keto/lchf weight-loss blog and your starting weight is over 300lbs please reblog this. I want to follow you! I’m in the same boat and it’d be really great to connect with others going through a similar experience.


Started at 323.2 and have lost 15.2 lbs in three weeks :)

I’m keto and started off at ~260, can I join in? :/ Tagging the shit out of this so other keto-ers (with a SW of 300+!) may see it.

(Source: keto-a-gogo)

Just a PSA to those who want an idea of what they’re going to look like once they’ve reached their goal weight

It was made by a person on Reddit (not me!) but I love it. You use the sliders to adjust the height and weight range to get people that have similar stats to you. 

As far as I know it’s not great on mobile, so that’s unfortunate, but it’s great on a laptop or whatever. 

It really gives you a realistic idea of what you’ll look like at your GW, and if you’re like me and have a lot to lose, that can be hard to imagine!

Updates on my life

-As per usual, just as every other part of my life comes together, my fitness falls apart. So I’m going basic and running a mile a day.
-I saw Catching Fire in the cinema and OMG it was amazing. Katniss’ outfits were fabulous.
-Christmas is coming, and so is the food. My plan is for this to be the first time I lose weight over Christmas!

Plans and goals. That’s what’s up. I’m excited!

Day One of not counting veggies, and dinner is: steak and veggies!  I had this almost an hour ago and I’m currently almost in food coma territory…. Too. Much. Food.
Time for a Change in my Diet Plan

NOTE: I’m using diet as a term for the foods I eat.       

I always said that I wouldn’t be counting calories forever, but I’ve been doing it for a month or two now, and here are my problems with it:

1. I’m eating even more white bread than usual, because a sandwich is actually quite easy on calories and very filling.

2. I don’t listen to my body. If I have calories left, I’ll eat just to reach my calorie goal, and if I want to eat more I’ll exercise to allow for it in my cal goal, and to be honest it was making me hate exercise.

SO, first point of order: clean up my diet. 

The plan for one week (and I’m going to see how I do) is to stay counting calories for everything bar fruit and veg, and stick to 800-1000 kcals of food besides fruit and veg. I’m not sure if that’s too much or too little, I guess I’ll figure it out as I go.

The point is that I’m going to eat way more vegetables if I don’t have to weigh them out. So, yeah. I’m looking forward to destressing food again!

Body positive Fitblrs?



I’m gonna tag the shit out of this so if you’re a body positive fitblr then like this or something and I’ll check you out.

Sometimes I find it hard to reconcile weight loss with being body pos, so, if you’re body pos AND you’re losing weight, I would love you forever if you made yourself known to me in some way <3

Yo! Except I’m not about weight loss. I just like getting muscles and being sweaty.

Insanity Fit Test Results [wk1 -> wk3]

Switch Kicks: 83 -> 86
Power Jacks: 24 -> 34
Power Knees: 50 -> 88
Power Jumps: 20 -> 28
Globe Jumps: 5 -> 8
Suicide Jumps: 5 -> 10
Push-up Jacks (wall): 15 -> 19
Low-Plank Oblique: 6 -> 50

Thoughts: HAPPYYYY!

I needed so badly to write this out [TW: Body shaming]
I'm tired right now. It's 2am and I was trying to go to sleep when one of those memories popped up. You know the ones. 
Here's what happened.

Couple months ago, when I was still in college, I was in a queue to get into a nightclub. I was drunk, everyone was drunk. My friends had been a bit earlier and were already inside, texting me, and I was on my own. I remember it was cold, and I only had a light cardi-type thing on. 

It was crowded, and there was a person pressed into me from every side. Then, I felt something. Hmm, probably just an accident. It is pretty crowded here, after all.        

…Nope. Someone is most definitely pinching my bum. I put my hands behind my back and push the hands away, Turning my head sideways I catch a glimpse of short jet-black hair. Taller than me. Definitely not anyone I know. 

His hands are back on my bum, cupping it. Squeezing. I put my hands behind me, and push them away. I want to turn around and tell him to fuck off, but I don’t. Why? I don’t know why.

Actually, fuck that. I know exactly why. I stood there, wanting to turn around, and refusing to, because I’m not only fat, I’m ugly. That’s right, I didn’t want the guy who was groping me without my permission in front of a shitload of people to know I’m ugly.

This is why I need the body positive movement. Because I hate(d) my body so much I should feel that any attention is worth having, so much so that I allow myself to be sucked into doing or accepting things I feel uncomfortable with.

I need to remind myself every day that all bodies are good bodies, and that being fat and ugly is not the worst thing I could be.

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